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Accomplished Litigator and Appellate Attorney with more than 30 years of proven management and ownership experience, running a successful general legal practice focusing in personal injury, civil rights, family law, employment law and criminal/traffic defense. Extensive experience in all levels of state, federal and administrative courts. Settled cases in excess of $500K and fostered a broad based and consistent tradition of success with a commitment to winning. Excel in litigation, developing, refining and executing the best-possible winning strategy to meet the clients’ demands of each case. Possess a detailed and nuanced understanding of laws and practices, and exceptional analytical skills. Excel under pressure, and diverse background provides great strategic versatility in litigation. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; positive interaction with clients, staff, opposing counsel, judges, and court administration personnel. Able to work independently, or in team environments. Diligent, innovative, organized and tenacious. Recognized for dependability, accessibility and professionalism. Focused on delivering positive results.

Core competencies include:

  • Expert Litigator in General Civil, Criminal and Traffic law cases, Appellate Attorney in general civil and criminal.
  • Experienced in prosecuting Discrimination and Personal Injury mediation and litigation.
  • Employment Law — private and public sector EEOC and MSPB litigation.

Professional Experience

  • Law Office of Thomas E. Hayes, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sept. 1983 — Present Attorney
  • Concentration in general civil, family law, personal injury, criminal/traffic defense, real estate and represent employers and employees in employment-related disputes.
  • Oversee all operations of general law practice.
  • Litigate trials and appeals, with extensive experience in federal, state, municipal courts, and administrative agencies.
  • Develop litigation strategy that leverages positive facts, and builds strong, affirmative arguments, and effectively addressing the application of pertinent law, evidence, and anticipating opposing arguments.
  • Educate clients on general nature of litigation, specific case-details, strategy, and court demeanor.
  • Trial preparation; develop strategic motions, develop/acquire admissible evidence, and subpoena/prepare witnesses

Representative Accomplishments

  • Successfully represented estate of deceased in wrongful death action, settling medical malpractice case for $450,000.
  • Filed successful habeas corpus petition and won acquittal for defendant serving life sentence in prison, convicted of murder and armed bank robbery.
  • Initiated 5 civil rights actions, on behalf of state prisoners, with cumulative settlement in excess of $500K.
  • Won numerous contested charges of gender and racial discrimination and retaliation in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with damage awards ranging from $50,000 to $150,000.
  • Represented client in trial involving federal drug distribution conspiracy and related gun charges that ended 3 times in mistrial on my motions. Following the government’s attempt to re-try my client, my successful 7th Circuit appeal resulted in the government dismissing the entire case.
  • Represented 7 individuals post-Indictment in federal criminal cases and won dismissal of 5 of the cases and probation with no jail ordered in other 2 cases. 2018-2021
  • Represented an individual in federal court charged with 8 counts Armed Robbery – negotiated amendment of Indictment to 1 count Armed Robbery. 2020
  • Represented individual in federal court and won the civil case, alleging police officers’ violation of federal law (DPPA).
  • Represented multiple business owners and won cases alleging wrongful termination, retaliation and breach of contract.
  • Defended 42 U.S.C. 1983 claim alleging client sexually harassed Ph.D. student at University of Minnesota.
    Following 2 week jury trial plaintiff requested $1.6M and jury awarded plaintiff $1.00.
  • Secured reversals on appeal of: Denial of Petition For Conditional Release in a triple homicide, Criminal convictions of 2 clients convicted of felony – drug trafficking, Criminal conviction of client convicted of felony – growing marijuana, Adverse civil jury verdict where the trial judge failed to fully apprise the jury of the applicable law of self-defense.
  • Have written numerous appeals in State and Federal courts. Have argued numerous times before the 7th and 8th U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court. Have filed Petitions for Writs of Certiorari before U.S. Supreme Court

Pro Bono

  • Provide free legal services to United States Armed Services veterans
  • Perform pro bono work for litigants in United States Federal District Court in employment discrimination cases.